Code of Ethics

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Just like doctors, lawyers, appraisers, accountants, notaries, and other professions; The CPI IAGI-MGEI actually does ‘practice’ in actualizing its professionalism, as well as having an impact on the public. Thus, it must comply with the code of ethics issued by professional organizations where the CPI is sheltered.

Some Understanding Related Ethics

  • Ethics are moral values or norms that serve as guidelines for a person or group in regulating their behavior professionally.
  • The Code of Ethics is a collection of ethics designed to uphold the profession for the responsibility of the profession, society and God Almighty.
  • Profession is a skill that requires in-depth training in a field of science, art or work, which is done continuously.
  • Code of Conduct to Help Prevent Ethical Offenses.
  • For the prevention of violations, morals must be supported by competence and the Code of Conduct.
  • The basic principles of the Code:
    1. Protection of the public interest
    2. K3LH
    3. Transparency and accountability
    4. Conflict of interest
    5. Working according to competence
    6. Maintain reputation and professional integrity
    7. Fair business competition
    8. Compliance thdp. community values, laws and regulations
    9. Helping the community in law enforcement
    10. Help build a good profession practice