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  1. To be registered as CPI IAGI-MGEI, a IAGI-MGEI CPI Candidate must pass the verification process held by IAGI-MGEI CP Committee.
  2. It is planned to hold the Verification of CPI IAGI-MGEI 4 (four) times a year.
  3. To be eligible for Verification of IAGI-MGEI CPI, an Applicant must fill out the verification form that can be obtained from the Secretariat of the IAGI-MGEI CP Committee, and then complete it well and send it back to the IAGI-MGEI CP Committee Secretariat.
  4. Applicant CPI IAGI-MGEI may become CPI IAGI-MGEI Candidate, after passing the Pre-verification process.
  5. Before following Verification, IAGI-MGEI CPI Candidate must follow refreshing of KCMI Code.

In the application form there are several requirements that must be fulfilled by the applicant in order to follow the Pre-verification process:

  1. IAGI-MGEI Membership Card that is still valid;
  2. Diploma;
  3. Identity of identity in the form of ID / SIM / Passport / KITAS;
  4. Training Certificate;
  5. Three (3) signatures of the Member of the Grandfather Clause (GFC) IAGI-MGEI or CPI IAGI-MGEI, as a reference;
  6. Professional Certificate (if any);
  7. Color photo size 4x6.

 After the Secretariat of the CP Committee IAGI-MGEI receives the verification form and copies of the required documents, it will be pre-verified where the data capture and requirements are made up to be approved to follow CPI verification. If all the requirements have been fulfilled then the Applicant will get the serial number of registration to be able to follow the verification. Are there any activities before CPI Verification? Yes, there is a Refreshing of KCMI Code which takes place about 1 week before CPI Verification. This activity aims to provide debriefing for Candidate CPI regarding KCMI Code, related regulations and implementation of KCMI Code. This activity must be followed by Candidate CPI.

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