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The Main Task of the Joint Committee

Joint Commitee

The main task of the joint committee that has been formulated to achieve the goals of the organization
  • Establish a CPI verification system standard that must be used by both Competent Person Implementation Committees on CPI IAGI-MGEI.
  • Synergize between CPI  and IAGI-MGEI in relation to the enforcement of the Code of Conduct, the KCMI Code and the Competent Person System.
  • Implement Socialization of Reporting Code of Exploration Result, Resources and Reserves of Mineral and Coal, and Competent Person System of Indonesia to all stakeholders.
  • Responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of the KCMI Code.
  • Review and complement the KCMI Code in accordance with the development of the Mining Industry in Indonesia and International.
  • Maintaining relations between institutions (external) and International relations towards RPO (Recognised Professional Organizations).
  • Encourage Government policy-making process not limited to PERMEN and other regulations related to Competent Person and KCMI Code.
  • Build and establish cooperation with other institutions relevant to the implementation of the Code – KCMI.

Organizational Management Structure

  • Chairman: Adi Maryono
  • Vice Chairman: Lufi Irwan Rachmad
  • Secretary: Arif Zardi Dahlius
Section Structure

Working Group of Joint Committees

External & International Relation

Coordinator: STJ Budi Santoso

  • Sumardiman Digdowirogo
  • Yoseph Swamidharma
  • Hashari Kamaruddin
  • Adi Maryono

Scope of Assignment

  • Companies that are still exploring may list on the Exchange
  • Become a CRISCO Member / make RPO
  • Relationship with LSP CPI IAGI-MGEI and PII

Socialization Partners

Coordinator: Chairul Nas

  • Milawarma
  • Denny ZD
  • Awaluddin
  • Rita

Scope of Assignment

  • Continuous socialization of the Code – KCMI in Indonesia to the mining stakeholders
  • Socializing the existence of CPI
  • Coordinate Organize forum: Seminar, Workshop, FGD
  • Website

Development of KCMI Code

Coordinator: Dwi Prasetya

  • Roby Rafianto
  • Ahmad Raymond Trilaksana

Scope of Assignment

  • Revised KCMI Code 2011
  • Proposed revision of SNI

CPI System Synchronization

Coordinator: Oki Budi Wijayanto

  • Agus Kuswanto
  • Patar Simbolon
  • Lufi Rachmad
  • Dudy Setyandhaka
  • Iyus Sumarsono

Scope of Assignment

  • Sync Competent Person Classification CPI IAGI-MGEI
  • Sync Competent Person Verification Methods of Indonesia
  • Identify Competency Guidance

Legal Formal Partners

Coordinator: Jimmy Gunarso

  • Eko Kurnianto
  • Ronald Sibarani
  • Rizal Kasli
  • Katisna Ari Perbawa

Scope of Assignment

  • KAN (National Accreditation Committee)
  • DJMB
  • Legalization of Legal Code-KCMI 2011 and Competent Person Indonesia Law
  • Competent Person Indonesia becomes one of the professions supporting resources and reserve at Indonesia Stock Exchange and OJK
  • Advocacy and insurance for the CPI

Development of Mineral Valuation Code

Coordinator: Budi Santoso

  • Rian Ardhi Redhite
  • Sukmandaru Prihatmoko
  • Arif Zardi Dahlius
  • Asri Dyah Wijayanti

Scope of Assignment

  • Develop Guidance for Mineral Valuation